Collect and activate your customers’ data

Get 100% control of your data and became a professional in personalization with the Spotler Customer Data Platform (CDP)


 Know your customers and engage with them

Spotler provides you with a platform to collect, manage and make use of high-quality customer data with the tools you need to understand and build advanced buyer journeys and provide personalized experiences.

Unify your customers’ touchpoints and personalize their experience to drive growth across all your marketing channels.


Build a 360º view of every customer

Collect, store, and activate a complete profile of every single customer. Get to know who they are, which events had triggered their interaction, and their buying phase, in real-time with every new activity combined with CRM data so you always have the freshest information.  

Build the customers’ data overview that will drive you to your goals. 


Target the right customers with Audience Builder

Reach specific customer segments with targeted content through your website, social media, display ads, or email campaigns with Audience Builder. Identify precise customer audiences using a rich set of customer data 360º view of the customer and define audiences based on website events or shared characteristics.

Manage endless combinations of audiences that combine into specific business needs.

Security and support are part of the Spotler Customer Data Platform

GDPR comply

Our servers are in the EU


1 to 1 personal support

Knowledge base

Learn about our solution and the industry


Show relevant content with website personalization

Go beyond customer expectations through dynamic website personalization that adapts to each individual visitor, depending on preferences, purchase phase, web pages visited, or any other criteriaQuick and easy, establish what works and tweak to perfection with the A/B test tooling.

With Spotler CDP your business will offer what your visitor needs.


Align all your channels and let the magic happen

It has never been easier to bring all your marketing ideas to life and, effortlessly target your audiences with a cross-channel approach. Instantly build omnichannel buyer journeys that adapt to your customers’ behavior with our user-friendly, and powerful interface.

Carry the consistent cross-channel experiences customers expect as they move throughout the journey.


Build unique customer journeys

Create and launch deeply personalized cross-channel journeys that adapt to customers’ real-time needs with Journey Builder. Simply drag your journey elements into the right order that maps to the unique needs of the customer and your business. Whichever journey you design, Spotler’s meticulously measures how visitors react to it, and immediately shows you what works and what doesn’t.

Accelerate customer acquisition, growth, and retention with next level campaigns


Create product recommendations

Product recommendations is a proven strategy for maximizing ecommerce revenue connecting each customer with the content they seek is therefore the core business for every retailer. The Spotler platform enables your to easily create and customize cross-channel content blocks that predict and offer up the right personalized recommendations that evolve with the customer, and effectively measure its results.

Spotler predicts pleasantly surprised customers that convert.


Increase conversions with real-time persuasion

Spotler’s Real-Time Persuasion tools help you to incentivize customers who are actively browsing your website to buy or convert. The website will show them highly relevant product information in real-time such as, how much of their desired item is left in stock or how often was it purchased in the last couple of days.

Increase sales with the right incentive and timing.


Make sure you are delivering the best results

Marketing instinct and a magic touch have always been essential in creating successful campaigns, but if you can measure and tested the results, all the better. Spotler enables automated A/B testing, offering real results and significant decision-making when it comes to implementing new ideas.

A/B Autopilot testing establishes an ideal marketing collaboration of man and machine.

Spotler has the solution that your department needs


Shorten the sales process


Engage and convert


Smooth integration with security

Spotler solutions make companies successful

Find out how Spotler can help your business grow with a solution that fits your needs.


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