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We handle personal data very carefully

Tripolis Solutions respects the privacy of visitors to its website,,  and always ensures the protection of their privacy. Tripolis Solutions, therefore, treat the personal data it acquires via this website with all due care and caution and of course complies with all the stipulations of the law which apply in this connection. Tripolis Solutions uses all personal data it is provided with solely for the purposes as described in this Privacy Statement. In this Privacy Statement, we explain how we deal with personal data we acquire via this website.

Data that has been collected

On the website, you may subscribe using your email address to the monthly Spotler newsletter and other mailings and invitations to events. There is the possibility on the website of completing a contact form on the basis of which questions may be asked to an employee of Tripolis Solutions. A visitor to the website may also indicate on the contact form that he or she wishes to make an appointment with an employee of Tripolis Solutions or receive documentation from it.

If you make use of the foregoing services provided by Tripolis Solutions on its website, you are asked to provide Tripolis with your email address, name, address, and phone number. That information is used by us for the following purposes:

  • Informing you about products and services provided by Tripolis Solutions;
  • Sending out the monthly Spotler newsletter and other news updates;
  • Communicating with you when asked to;
  • Providing data to third parties on the basis of the provisions and stipulations of the law.

We could also ask you for information about your work. That information is used by us to gain a clearer picture of our customers and to develop our services and our website further and amend it to meet your personal preferences.

If you no longer wish to receive information from Tripolis Solutions, you can indicate this by communicating with our administration via or by de-registering or unsubscribing from our email newsletter via the link in the footer of this newsletter.

The provision of data

Tripolis Solutions shall not provide third parties with your data without your prior permission to do so unless bound to by law. Tripolis Solutions may provide (a part of) your information and data to enterprises that are affiliated with Tripolis Solutions. Tripolis Solutions reserves the right to provide (a part of) your information and data should ownership be transferred of (a part of) (the activities of)) Tripolis Solutions, for example, due to a merger or take-over by another enterprise. Tripolis Solutions shall do its utmost if your information and data are provided to an enterprise that takes over Tripolis Solutions’ activities or merges with Tripolis Solutions to inform you about this, for example, by posting a notice on the website.


On our website, we make use of tracking cookies which are stored by your browser on your computer. Information is also stored in them (such as the settings on your PC and your preferences) to expedite your subsequent visit to our website. That information has no name and addresses information or other personal data, such as any credit card data you have provided us with. You may set your browser in such a manner that during your visit to our website, you do not receive any cookies. Or you can use the cookie opt-in to the right of the website in which you can indicate that you do not accept tracking cookies of the website. In that case, you might not be able to make full use of all the facilities offered by our website or you might not have access to specific parts of our website.

Gathering and improving your data

If you wish to know which contact data we have recorded about you or wish to amend that data, you can communicate with our customer service department via You have the right to ask Tripolis Solutions to remove or protect certain data about you. Tripolis Solutions will decide on any such a request made by you within 4 (four) weeks having weighed up the interests at stake on the part of Tripolis Solutions and your interests in maintaining your privacy and, should a decision be made to protect certain data or remove it, we shall inform you to which extent this shall result in the use you make of our services may be limited, or hampered.

Responsibility of Tripolis Solutions

The Tripolis Solutions website,,  also contains hyperlinks to the websites of third parties. Tripolis Solutions is not responsible for compliance on the part of those third parties with privacy legislation.

The protection of personal data

Tripolis Solutions ensures that use is made of suitable technical and organizational measures to secure your personal data against loss and against any form of unlawful processing. Tripolis Solutions retains your personal data for the period that is required in all reasonableness to correctly perform the services its offers and facilitates.

Privacy Authority

Tripolis Solutions is allowed to mark the DDMA Privacy Seal. This is a quality label ensuring the correct use of personal data for direct marketing purposes. The Privacy Seal is exclusively worn by members of the Dutch Dialogue Marketing Association (DDMA). DDMA-members have committed themselves to standards of ethical conduct and best practices laid down in Codes of Conduct. More information about the DDMA Privacy Seal.


This Privacy Statement may be amended. Amendments made in this Privacy Statement shall be made known on this webpage. The current version is changed on January 1st, 2022.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement or about our privacy policy, please send us an email at

Applicable law

This Privacy Statement is governed by the law of the Netherlands. Any disputes which might arise in this connection shall be submitted before the competent Judge of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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