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Our goal is your success

Fast growing companies use technology that satisfies the needs of sales, marketing, and IT to align these teams around engaging the customer. Spotler’s commitment is to help our clients grow. And this starts with a quick and easy integration to the current IT ecosystem, the adoption of intuitive tools by the marketing team to facilitate collaboration with sales to achieve growth.

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Marketing team

With functionality built by marketers and access to rich data accessed through easy to use, intuitive interfaces, Spotler empowers marketers and makes it easy for marketers, to get their goals by freeing them up from mundane or technical tasks, enabling:

  • Agile marketing – Plan more quickly, act on insights instantly and quickly launch scalable, personalized, cross-channel campaigns.
  • Focus on strategy with automation – By saving time on the day-to-day time-consuming and error-prone processes, marketers have time to think.
  • Higher engagement – With the insight from customer behaviour, data marketers can create more personalized communications thanks to a deeper knowledge on lead and customer actions.
  • Increased ROI – Never lose sales opportunities with a 360 view of the customers’ journey in all your channels.

Easy for everyone

Any marketing platform can only add value if it is adopted by its users. Spotler invests in being user-friendly so that everyone can make use of the rich functionality. From a communication professional who occasionally sends out a mailing, to a seasoned email marketer who sets up automatic campaigns on a daily basis. That’s why more than 10,000 marketers at over 3000 companies across Europe work with Spotler products every day.


Sales team

No matter your company’s size, industry, or geography, the modern buyers’ journey means it’s important to build deeper digital connections. Interactions that can provide actionable data that enables sales teams to manage and monitor your business in real-time. Spotler helps sales teams engage and connect with buyers, generate more pipeline, and close more deals by:

  • Identifying the best leads – Put a prioritized list of the highest scoring leads right at the fingertips of your sales team.
  • Using real-time customer insights – Give the sales rep a head start in engaging a prospect with deep insight into their prior interactions.
  • Working from a single customer view – All your info is synchronized and the CRM system will be always updated with all this new insight.

Never lose a lead

Are you following a specific lead, company, or industry? Do you want to know who visits a particular page? Spotler lets you create real-time notifications, so stay connected and don’t miss any of these leads.


IT Team

Enabling marketers to be self-sufficient with easy-to-use tools and integrations to many of the popular marketing technologies ‘out of the box’ frees up the IT team to focus on higher value projects.

  • Easy setup and management – Centralized administration and intuitive interfaces make management simple, and our library of integrations enables rapid setup and rollout.
  • Extensive user roles – Manage users with fine grain access rights and permissions across teams, departments, and roles.
  • Stay safe and secure – With security features like 2-phase authentication, Single-Sign-On (SSO), and data encryption at rest we preserve the trust that our clients have with their customers.
  • Naturally GDPR – As a company born in Europe, with servers based on the continent and a history of data protection legislation that pre-dates GDPR we naturally enable our clients to be compliant with any global data protection rules.
  • Quality certified – With close adherence and certification to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, our clients feel confident in the quality of our organization and its processes.

Easy to use and IT friendly
With Spotler, making things simple for the marketing team has not come at the cost of good IT practices and governance, especially around the data our clients are entrusted with by their customers to manage.

Spotler solutions make companies successful

Find out how Spotler can help your business grow with a solution that fits your needs.



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