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 Create, deliver and track transactional communications

Transactional emails, like order confirmations, delivery tracking, password resets, multi-factor authentication, are essential communications with the consumer, keeping them connected and informed. They are highly targeted, triggered by the recipient and contain information they want or need, and are an important part of the customer experience. It is therefore critical that you can deliver and track these messages (emails or SMS) to facilitate this connection.

Spotler provides all the tools you need to create, deliver and track converting transactional messages.

Spotler Transactional emails integration

Integrate seamlessly with your business

You need a solution that plugs into your business and connects easily to your existitng technology without synchronizing databases or time-consuming uploads. Our advanced API enables you to control your message assembly, message sending, and reporting without complex development.

Spotler gives you complete control of your message flows, scheduling, and archiving.

Spotler Transactional Emails Scale Solution

Send one or millions of transactional emails

Spotler adapts to your needs, whether you are a small sender or send millions of emails a day. Our proven, scalable infrastructure is designed to automatically choose the fastest and safest way to the inbox.

Spotler is always up and ready to deliver your communications.


Get all the features that you need

Spotler transactional emails advance template
Advanced Template & Data Model

Turn boring emails into truly compelling emails loaded with data

Spotler Transactiona Emails attachments
Personalized Attachments

Create personalized PDFs, calendar items, AMP, CSVs, and more - easily!

Spotler Transactional Emails Bounce Management
Bounce Management

Follow up on bouncing addresses with another email, SMS, or letter!

Spotler Transactional Emails Real-Time Analytics
Real-Time Analytics

Know exactly how your emails perform with up-to-date email analytics!

Spotler GDPR Security

Be 100% GDPR compliant

The security of your customers’ data must be your priority, and with Spotler you have it guaranteed. We work with EU data centers; your data remains safe and under control. Spotler is fully GDPR compliant, and ISO 27001 certified.

Be the safest place for your customers’ data.

Spotler Transactional Emails Experts

Get real experts’ support

There is more to transactional deliverability than great software, we work with our clients as a team and our specialists in transactional messages will always accompany you. We take full responsibility for our reputation and have full control of the infrastructure as we do not rely on third parties to provide our services.

We take responsibility and go beyond a checklist review.

Spotler has the solution that your department needs

Spotler helps Sales Teams

Shorten the sales process

Spotler helps Marketing Teams

Engage and convert

Spotler helps IT Teams

Smooth integration with security

Spotler solutions make companies successful

Find out how Spotler can help your business grow with a solution that fits your needs.



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