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Focus on communication while automation handles the heavy work


Meet your goals with marketing automation that best fits your needs

We all have something in common, we want to send the right message at the right time to each customer. Your business is unique, your customer journey is too and with Spotler Marketing Automation you can track your contacts’ unique behaviour, as thoroughly as you need, with automated personalized communications.

By automating repetitive and manual tasks, you save both time and errors.


Automate multistep, multi-channel campaigns with zero code

Spotler’s marketing automation is intuitive and easy to use. Create a communications flow with a drag and drop builder that can be as simple as a birthday campaign or as complex as a lead nurturing series. Then deliver across all your digital channels.

Use communication flows that use customers’ preferences.


Personalize every step of your automation

Make sure the right people get the right message with advanced segmentation. Spotler Marketing Automation brings together customer behaviour, email engagement, customer journey, and demographics to automatically deliver personalized dynamic email content or website experience, that create more effective campaigns.

Marketing Automation that adapts to every customer.


Connect with WhatsApp

With the new Spotler integration, you can now include WhatsApp as an additional channel in your outbound marketing strategy. Combine WhatsApp, email, SMS or other channels within your marketing automation flows.

Communicate with your customers through the right channel at the right time.

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Optimize the customer experience at each step of the customer life cycle



Lead generation 

Use branded landing pages and sign-up forms to collect email addresses, segment your audience, and trigger automated communications.


Automatically send emails and perform marketing tasks to nurture new subscribers to their first purchase.




Increase the lifetime value with automated welcome campaigns to engage and activate new customers.

Abandoned cart 

Increase your cart retention rates by reminding your customers about items lying in their cart with an automated triggered email.



Cross-sell and upsell 

Entice your customers to buy again with automated personal recommendations based on purchase by personalized by email or show them on your website.

Recurring sells

Make it easy for customers to make recurring purchases with automated reminders when they are about to finish a product, based on the product’s lifespan.





Build customer loyalty by automating campaigns with targeted exclusive offers or product recommendations. Make your customer feel that you know them.


Locate customers who haven’t bought or interacted in a while and trigger an automated campaign with targeted win-back emails.

Spotler has the solution that your department needs


Shorten the sales process


Engage and convert


Smooth integration with security


Dependable transactional emails

Transactional emails, like an order confirmation, subscription renewal, delivery tracking or booking details are important to your customer and essential for a great customer experience. Email also plays a critical role in security policies and consumer protection, with multi-factor authentication and password resets.

These business-critical communications to customers are delivered quickly and securely every time with transactional email from Spotler, providing:

  • Seamless integrations with your business
  • Scalable platform to send one or millions of emails
  • Advance template and data model
  • Real experts’ support to grow your business
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Smart e-commerce email marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most effective channels to reach your ideal consumers, lead them to purchase and maintain the connection that leads to loyalty. E-commerce email marketing by Spotler helps B2C marketers drive more traffic, increase sales, and retain customers. With integrations to the most popular e-commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Zapier and leading customer data platforms,contacts, products and order history are synchronized and immediately available for segmentation and timely, relevant emails triggered by customer behaviour.

With Spotler eCommerce Email Marketing Automation you get:

  • Standard eCommerce campaigns such as an abandoned cart, product reviews and win-back campaign
  • Direct integration with your e-commerce platform
  • Clear turnover reports
  • Even more useful functionalities for your marketing
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Spotler solutions make companies successful

Find out how Spotler can help your business grow with a solution that fits your needs.



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