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Spotler helps you recognize who is visiting your website and what they are interested in


Ge heta leads till ditt säljteam

Köpbeteendet inom B2B har ändrats with buyers spending more time doing online research, touching multiple content items before contacting a vendor.  Så, yDu får många besökare till din hemsida who are som visat intresse för din produkt eller tjänst, men hur identifierar du vem det är som på siten?

Spotler ger dig insikter i dina besökare och identifierar dem med B2B Lead Generation.

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Spåra dina B2B besökare från första besöket

Spotler identifies besökare via deras IP addresses which matchas med en stor databassom reveals company information som namn, adress och givetvis var de klickat och vad de har besökt.

Konvertera din trafik till leads.


Create a lead scoring program that fits your business

The primary goal of B2B lead generation marketing is to pass qualified leads to sales, that are at the perfect time to listen to a sales proposal and that moment is often predicted with lead scoring. Spotler enables scoring all the web activity of your leads, identifying where they are in their buyer journey, based on your criteria, and if it is time to notify the sales team.

Give 10 points if they visit a product page or 20 if they download a whitepaper, you decide what is important!

Insights for all stakeholders


Som marknadsförare kan du se vem som besöker hemsidan, matcha dem mot specifika företag och industrier och se vad som är mest intressant för olika segment. Du kommer även upptäcka vilka leads som är intresserade men som inte har agerat. Givetvis hjälper den informationen dig att optimera din marknadföring.

Sales team

Any salesperson will tell you that the more information you have about a potential customer, the easier it is to start a sales conversation. With Spotler, you can dedicate a sales representative to a specific company or potential client from the first visit. Before the commercial call, the rep will have deep insight from the prospective clients’ interactions with the website, what products interest him and how often he visits the web.

Account managers

In most B2B business retention is just as important as new business, it is much cheaper to sell to an existing client than to find a new one. The visitor insight from Spotler helps account managers to keep track of their account activities, uncovering business opportunities that might otherwise be missed. If your client is visiting a product’s page that they don’t own, take advantage and call them to offer it!


Never miss a lead

Get the marketing and sales departments to work together. Are you following a specific lead, company, or industry? Do you want to know who visits a particular page? Create real-time notifications so you don’t miss any of these leads.

Fine-tune your alerts to fit with the way you sell.


Enrich your CRM data automatically

It is critical that all the departments touching the customer work with the same information, with Spotler you can keep the CRM system updated with all this new insight. By connecting Spotler with your CRM, the sales team or account managers will be able to see all the activity of a contact in order to close a sale or upsell.

Get the information flow on your behalf.

Spotler has the solution that your department needs


Shorten the sales process


Engage and convert


Smooth integration with security

Spotler solutions make companies successful

Find out how Spotler can help your business grow with a solution that fits your needs.



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